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Yadava Seva Samithi

Employee Grievance – Redress Cell
All your jobwise grievances and regret will be taken care of and quick remedy is assured among community.
Population of Yadav's Every person to enroll their names in our portal, through this people will know the caricature of Yadav's.
We are the fastest growing yadava matrimonial services in India providing a well-integrated platform for people, searching marriage alliances. This website has been established and promoted, and maintained by YADAVA MARRIAGE LINES, VIJAYAWADA, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Job Services
We provide employment opportunities and guidelines for competitive exams like (Civils, Groups, Bank Jobs etc.) after your enrollment.
NRI's Wing
Those who have settled in abroad (NRI), to enroll their names in our Portal, with them, we do some charitable activities which is beneficial to our society.

In future we will do some useful activities for Yadav's like Medical Camps, Free coaching for Competitive Exams, Computer Courses, for rural ladies Embroidery, Tailoring etc. Please Co-operate with my deed

We need not take any fee except matrimonial.